Robo Studio
Robo Studio
A brief overview of the vision
Robo studio is moving towards building an Ecosystem that will be open for all and have elements that can be used in any other metaverse in the future. The whole project is divided into 5 Phases which would take 5 to 7 years to reach its completion stage. We know it is what almost every other NFT project is going for, but these are the reason why we think we are different:
  • The project is entirely community-based.
  • We are giving the community a chance to decide the direction of the project as we are building it and they will have the power to exercise their right by having control over the Treasury. We want to build something that has some anti-whale features as opposed to the standard DAO approach.
  • The project is developed with a bottom to top approach hence avatars first about and land/space later.
  • We are not competing with an enthusiast space but instead are dedicating a portion of our resources to onboard and educate new members about blockchain technology and our project.
  • We will be setting up a revenue stream set up in the real world to sustain this project despite having bear market conditions. This is will help us to keep the project building despite having slow sales on the NFT side.
  • Smaller components of the metaverse such as lands, houses, and interactive spaces will be built after the avatar phase. All these components will be commercialized as games or an animated series to further fund the project.
  • The community will have access to a portion of all revenues made to develop their side projects as they see fit once we have reached a sustainable stage.
  • The project is not a plan to reinvent the wheel. Our drive is to incorporate everything amazing and functional within the blockchain technology using our NFT being the common ground to build this ecosystem.
We are always looking out for new developments in the blockchain tech and NFT sector to incorporate into our project. The idea is to streamline, automate and make it as stable as possible with no or minimal human interference to keep the ecosystem sustainable. Once the metaverse is complete and functional, the team will relinquish their access to the fund's wallet and let the community sustain themselves from that point onwards.
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